• Happy New  2015 Year
    Happy New 2015 Year

    Dear colleagues and partners! Let the next year will bring you warmth, love, peace and prosperity!

    Your INFOCOM LTD team

  • Automated jewellery warehouse

    We suggest an innovative solution for jewellery warehouse automation that gives possibilities to get up-to-date information about warehouse stock, make quick inventory, have up-to-date documentation etc.

  • Sivacon S8

    Design, manufacture of low and high voltage electrical power distribution technology SIVACON S8, SIVACON 8PT

  • Design of solar stations
    Design of solar stations

    Design of solar stations on roof, building facades, ground solar stations. Working as a EPC-Contractor under desining of solar stations.

  • Automation of grain elevator
    Automation of grain elevator



       Any needed automation

  • Automated multi-storey car parks

    Solutions in development and automation of the surface and underground multi-storey car parks

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26 December
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17 December
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