Programmable Logic Controllers Siemens

What are logic programmable controllers?

Logic controllers from Siemens are controllers that are used in various industries to automate technological processes. Their line is called Simatic. It contains several types of PLC-Simatic S5 and Simatic S7, and Simatic S7 consists of S7-200, S7-300, S7-400 and S7-1200. The first three are the most commonly used ones.

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Automation for plant: good and bad

In a world where all processes are controlled by machines, it is very difficult not to follow the trend. Indeed, in the 21st century, every rush facilitates work and save yourself from many human mistakes.

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INFOCOM LTD - system integrator of Schneider Electric

Starting 2017 INFOCOM LTD company is officially Schneider Electric partner (system integrator). We widen our range of automation services and range of components.

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New Certificate SIEMENS SIVACON Partner

Traditionnaly at the beginning of the year we renew our partner certificates. Presenting our renewed partner certificate of SIEMENS company for manufacturing of SIVACON cabinets for 2017 year. 

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Work of INFOCOM LTD on New Year Holidays 2017


Dear collegues and friends, we inform you about working hours of INFOCOM LTD on New Year and Christmas Holidays 2017 and wish you Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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