Application: cables for cable carriers and use for machine-building and materials-handling

New products count four new names- ÖLFLEX® CHAIN 808P/CP/809/CY– and are included in CLASSIC type.

INFOCOM LTD, system integrator of Lapp Group products in Ukraine, presents new types of cables by Lapp company.
With the Basic Line Lapp addresses especially those users, who exspect a light/medium wear of the cables in the cable carrier.

The Basic Line products meet typical requirements:
808 – Polyurethane-Outer jacket for use when exposed to oil, lubricants, etc
809 – with UL-Recognition/Certification for use in the North-American market
CP/CY-Designs with a braided screen for improved EMC
The products from the <Extended> range are for further specific requirements, such as:
855 – for travelling longer distances
879 – with UL-Listing/Certification for use in the North-American market and extended norm requirements


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