Run of monitoring system of autonomous well

Today has been run autonomous well that was designed by our engineers. This is the first part of a project for technical modernization of wells monitoring system situated on alluvial construction of Yablunivske oil-gas condensate field, connection to dispatch center is realized via WI-FI.

Wells monitoring system is designed for providing telemetering process of extraction in specified functions amount and to five possibility of its further expansion (collection, processing, structurization, strorage, archivation, documentation of technological information using unified signals and data transfer protocols), technological processess analysis and  carbon-bearing extraction equipment  in online mode.

The system transfers automaticaly the data from field sensors installed on wells in operator's room (control room), data collection infrastructure. 

The territory of wells placement is vast, data transfer from sensors on wells to control room is designed through wireless connecton (this solution our company has been already used in project of monitoring system of artesian well). 

One of the wells is autonomous. Power supply is realized via solar panel and storage batteries.

2017-autonomous-well 2017-autonomous-well-1



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