Hannover Messe 2014

Lapp Group presents cabling solutions for greater efficiency. Saving space, increasing efficiency, reducing costs.

At this year's Hannover Messe, the Lapp Group will be presenting cabling solutions that help increase efficiency in production. The new Industrial Ethernet cables of the ETHERLINE® EC series feature a space and cost-saving star quad design. The Lapp Group is also expanding its range to include Industrial Ethernet cables with a PUR sheath, which have UL approval and a 1000 V rating. The new ÖLFLEX® SERVO 7DSL hybrid cable reduces material expenses and installation effort, and improves the relative cost structure especially for smaller drives. New connectors from Lapp simplify assembly and maintenance, thereby reducing costs – and their high protection rating means they also offer the highest level of safety. The Lapp Group will be presenting these and other innovations at Stand C03 in Hall 11 of the Hannover Messe.
The four cores of the new Industrial Ethernet cable of the ETHERLINE® EC series are routed in parallel as a star quad instead of using "twisted pairs". Dispensing with the twisting reduces the outer diameter of the cables by almost 10%. This is of particular relevance, as Industrial Ethernet is increasingly being used in sensor/actuator applications where there is often little space available, for instance when active distributors or switches are used in the field. For wiring within a control cabinet, small bending radii are required. The new cable is also better suited for this application. The star quad design not only saves space here, but also materials and therefore reduces costs.
The ETHERLINE® EC cables are available in three versions: the two cables with 7-wire strand structure and PVC or PUR outer sheath are suitable for flexible use and a further 19-wire cable with PUR sheath is suitable for highly flexible applications. All cables have UL approval. For these cables, Lapp Group also already offers assemblies with moulded connectors: for particularly low space requirements, optimised cables with M8 connectors are available, in an angled or straight version.
Another new feature is an additional UL approval for the existing ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet cables with PUR outer sheath, which now have a 1000 V rating according to UL AWM Style 51576. Data network cables without this rating previously had to be installed so that they were separated from control cables. This change means the cables can run directly adjacent to live cables in a cable harness.
The Lapp Group also supports the trend towards a single-cable solution with the new ÖLFLEX® SERVO 7DSL hybrid cable. While it used to be commonplace to connect the servo drive and inverter with two cables  a servo cable for the power supply to the motor and an encoder cable for transporting data on the position and speed of the motor – nowadays hybrid cables can fulfil both functions at the same time. The secret is that the encoder/resolver signals are modulated to the supply voltage of the feedback system.
Lapp hybrid cables are tailored to the digital interface HIPERFACE DSL® from SICK, which offers robust and interference-free transmission of data between the controller and motor. Thanks to the well-known RS485 standard, transmission rates of 9375 MBaud are possible with cable lengths of up to 100 metres. In a set-up like this, the cable has a bending radius of 7.5 times the cable diameter for flexible use and 5 times the cable diameter for fixed installation.
For the wiring of machinery and control cabinets as well as for device technology, Lapp is introducing two new M12 Power connectors for connecting or installing in devices: UNITRONIC® M12 Power with T coding and EPIC® M12 Power with S coding. The connectors are small and robust, meaning that terminal devices can be much more compact. The excellent protection against dust and water penetration ensures the highest level of safety even in the most adverse conditions. The UNITRONIC® M12 Power model has M12 T coding for 12 A/60 V, while the EPIC® M12 Power connector features M12 S coding for 12 A/ 630 V.  
With the innovations being presented at Hannover Messe 2014, the Lapp Group is helping its customers to save materials and space and therefore reduce costs in the manufacture of their products. It is effectively handing them a tool with which to achieve greater efficiency and competitiveness.

Продукция предлагает последовательные системы для всех асинхронных последовательных интерфесов и систем шин, таких как Profibus, Interbus, CANopen, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Modbus, RS-232, RS-422, и RS-485.

Благодаря модульной конструкции система активных ретрансляторов может использоваться со структурой разветвленного, линейного, радиального и древовидного типа. Преимуществами данных устройств являются более короткая длина сегментов и значительно увеличенная скорость передачи данных, возможность сегментирования в изоляции проводки целой промышленной сети.

Оптоволоконная технология особенно подходит для приложений с очень строгими требованиями к работоспособности. Для морской сферы одним из основных преимуществ данных устройств является их нечувствительность к электромагнитным помехам и автоматическая гальваническая развязка. Благодаря этому больше нет необходимости в дорогостоящей защите от перенапряжений, экранировании и мерах по уравниванию потенциалов.


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