Delivery of a wide assortment of the Fluke multimeters to Ukraine.

fluke logoINFOCOM LTD, Ukraine, delivers a wide assortment of the Fluke multimeters to Ukraine.

Our company INFOCOM LTD offers delivery of Fluke multimeters, which are produced and developed in accordance with high reliability, failure resistance and accuracy standards, to Ukraine.

You can buy the following multimeters Fluke in INFOCOM LTD:

  • economy-class multimeters Fluke-15B, Fluke-17B, Fluke-18B
  • basic level multimeters Fluke-113, Fluke-114
  • multimeters with pinpoint accuracy Fluke-287, Fluke-289
  • multimeters with removable display Fluke-233
  • industrial top-rank multimeters Fluke-83V, Fluke-87V
  • multimeters for industrial and filed measurements Fluke-175, Fluke-177, Fluke-179
  • multimeters for electricians Fluke-117
  • multimeters for control of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems Fluke-116
  • multimeters for filed measurements Fluke-115
  • multimeters for using in extreme operating conditions (IP67) Fluke-27II, Fluke-28II
  • multifunctional multimeters Fluke-77IV
  • multimeters for auto electronics Fluke-88V
  • desk multimeters Fluke-8845A, Fluke-8846A, Fluke-8808A

For more detailed information about Fluke multimeters, give us a call of send an e-mail. You can see our contacts here.


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