Equipment produced by Fife-Tidland GmbH is available for sale in Ukraine

fife tidland logoEquipment produced by Fife-Tidland GmbH is available for sale in Ukraine

Our company INFOCOM LTD supplies a variety of equipment produced by Fife-Tidland GmbH – the most advanced control systems for control of belt movement for a wide range of use, e.g.:

- band winding/unwinding (pneumatic expansion shafts, pneumatic brake and expansion heads for belt rolls);
- belt position aligning (control of winding/unwinding, rotating frames, system KAMBEROLLER);
- control of  belt movement (visual, optical);
- belt cutting systems;
- belt tension systems

You can buy the following products produced by Fife-Tidland GmbH in the company INFOCOM LTD:

  • automated belt movement control systems:
    - electromechanical;
    - electrohydraulic;
    - pneumo-hydraulic.
  • belt edge sensors:
    - infrared;
    - pneumatic;
    - ultrasonic;
    - inductive;
    - capacitive;
    - visible light sensors.
  • signal amplifiers;
  • hydraulic control units;
  • detectors (sensors);
  • lineal actuators;
  • OPG-rotating frames;
  • Kamberoller – control roller
  • control systems for winding/unwinding equipment.

In regard to technical characteristics or cost equipment of Fife-Tidland GmbH you can call our experts, or send us an e-mail. Our experts will help you find a right solution. Our contacts


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