Keyence equipment for automation systems.

keyenceThe Company INFOCOM LTD offers delivery of Keyence sensors for automation systems to Ukraine!

Sensors, produced by the Keyence Company, are the part of manufacturing and scientific research processes in different branches of industry, such as: electronic engineering, production of semiconductor equipment, automotive industry, food industry, packaging industry, biotechnologies, pharmaceutical industry and other branches. Digital optic-fiber sensor Keyence

Main Keyence products, delivered by the Ukrainian company INFOCOM LTD to Ukraine:

  • multipurpose photoelectric and fiber-optic sensors for precise and continuous object detection:
    - fiber-optic sensors;
    - laser sensors;
    - photoelectric sensors;
    - proximity sensor;
    - RGB.color sensors
  • Keyence position sensors. Intended for positioning and detection of such objects, which can’t be detected by other sensors:
    - special-purpose sensors;
    - contact sensors;
    - ultrasonic sensors.
  • Keyence measurement sensors. Sensors and measurement systems for intended high accuracy of measurement:
    - laser displacement sensors;
    - rotating laser gas meters of spectral interferences;
    - inductive displacement sensors;
    - optic micrometers;
    - image dimension measurement systems. 

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