A wide range of equipment and systems ABB for the electric power industry, electric power supply and automation of production.

ABB equipment and systems certified in accordance to ISO 14001Our company INFOCOM LTD delivers ABB equipment and systems, which are certified in accordance with ISO 14001, to Ukraine

ABB equipment, Switzerland, is used almost in all industry branches. Our company INFOCOM LTD offers delivery to Ukraine a wide range of ABB products, incl.  electric equipment intended for usage in electric power industry and automatics – highly reliable well-designed automatic circuit breakers, wall mount receptacles and switches etc. Automated circuit breaker ABB, SACE up to 360 А

Our company INFOCOM LTD offers distribution in Ukraine of the following products and systems produced by ABB:

  • ABB products:
    - high-voltage equipment; 
    - high-voltage equipment up to 50 kV;
    - generator circuit breakers;
    - motors и and generators;
    - protection and automation of electric power systems;
    - isolating equipment;
    - control and measuring analytical equipment;
    - mechanical transmission;
    - low-voltage equipment;
    - equipment for metallurgical industry;
    - semi-conductor devices;
    - drives;
    - robotic technologies;
    - power converters and inverters;
    - transformers and components
  • ABB systems:
    - HVDC;
    - charging infrastructure for electric vehicles;
    - power electronics; 
    - power cables and cable fittings;
    - uninterruptible power supply systems and network stabilizers;
    - control systems; 
    - communication systems for offshore wind farms;
    - turbo-compressors Load break switch ABB for installation on a DIN-rail or on the mounting plate

ABB products always apply clean technologies. All this electric equipment produced by ABB is manufactured in accordance to DIN EN and ISO 9001 standards.

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