Delivery and distribution of equipment Pilz by the company INFOCOM LTD.

Delivery and distribution of equipment Pilz in UkraineDistribution of equipment of the company Pilz in Ukraine

Our company INFOCOM LTD offers delivery into Ukraine and distribution of innovative equipment in the field of sensor technologies, control technologies -controllers, sensors, servo systems, safety systems, relays, timers etc. produced by the company Pilz GmbH (Germany), of one of the largest manufacturers of protection automation in the Europe.

Our company INFOCOM LTD offers distribution of the following equipment in Ukraine:

  • control equipment:
    - electronic  control relays (not protection relays) for current, voltage, standby time, active power control etc.;
    - emergency stop buttons – PITestop;
    - shutdown mode lights– PITsign;
    - two-hand stop frame consoles - PIT js;
  • sensor technologies:
    - switches - PSENmag, PSENcode and PSENmech;
    - light safety barriers – PSENopt;
  • safe control equipment:
    - protective relays – PNOZ;
    - programmable protection systems – PSS;
    - protection busbars - SafetyBUS p and PSSuniversal;
  • motion control devices:
    - motion control system Motion Control PMC.
  • equipment for operators:
    - operator’s touch terminals – PMI;
    - operator’s line terminals, with text displays - PX, PXT.

If you have questions concerning characteristics of products Pilz or purchasing, we will be glad to provide you with all necessary information. Contact us over phone or send us a request letter. See our contacts here


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