Delivery and distribution of products NORGREN in Ukraine

logo norgren1INFOCOM LTD delivers into Ukraine a wide range of high-quality products Norgren, such as drives, air compression units, fittings and valves, for pneumatic and hydraulic system control.

Our company INFOCOM LTD distribution of the following range of equipment NORGREN in Ukraine:

1) actuators NORGREN:
- circular cylinders;
- compact actuators;
- cylinders ISO/VDMA;
- rodless cylinders LINTRA;
- rotary actuators;
- stainless steel actuators;
- switches;
-  classic actuators.

2) pneumatic cylinders NORGREN:
- pneumatic cylinders NORGREN ISO/VDMA RA/8000, RA/8000/M;
- pneumatic cylinders NORGREN ISO/VDMA, PRA/181000M, PRA/183000/M;
- pneumatic cylinders NORGREN KA/8000, KA/8000/M, stainless steel;
- pneumatic cylinders NORGREN LINTRA M/146000, M/146100, M/146200. 
- pneumatic cylinders NORGREN M/1525, M/1540 etc.

3) vacuum units NORGREN:
- vacuum pumps;
- vacuum cups and bellows;
- accessories for vacuum treatment units.

4) valves NORGREN:
- valves;
- valves, built into a line and manifold valves;
- safety valves;
- manually and mechanically operated valves;
- proportional valves;
- valves NAMUR for manufacturing sector;
- throttle valves.

5) air compression units NORGREN:
- filters and regulators;
- pressure-relief valve;
- pressure controllers;
- oil distributors;
- combination unit.

6) accessories NORGREN
- fittings NORGREN (presented under trading marks Pneufit, Enots, Pneufit C and Herion);
- valves NORGREN (presented under trading marks Buschjost, FAS, Herion, Webber and Watson Smith);

7) pneumatic throttle valves NORGREN:
- exhaust throttle valve NORGREN 0405;
- exhaust throttle valve NORGREN T20;
- throttle valve NORGREN C/600, M/600;
- throttle valve NORGREN M800;
- throttle valve NORGREN T1000;
- throttle valve NORGREN T15.

If you have questions concerning purchasing NORGREN products contact us over phone or send a request letter. To see our contacts click here


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