Distribution and delivery of highly-precise devices of high quality Jumo into Ukraine by INFOCOM LTD

Delivery of highly-precise devices of high quality Jumo by INFOCOM LTDControl and measurement devices and automation equipment Jumo are available for distribution in Ukraine!

Our company INFOCOM LTD delivers into Ukraine industrial equipment intended for analytic systems (such as pH, oxidativeness and reductivity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen etc.) exploration, temperature, pressure and humidity control and recording, produced by the company Jumo, the largest manufacturer and distributor of temperature sensors in the Europe. Capacitive pressure sensor Jumo

  • manometers (simple, membrane, contact pressure, remote-reading manometers);
  • controllers;
  • indicators;
  • gas-filled and bimetal thermometers;
  • рН control and measurement devices  (incl. portable ), redox power and conductivity (regulators);
  • converters of signals from temperature sensors into standard signal; 
  • paperless and paper chart recorders and process recorders;
  • differential pressure and pressure transformers (pressure sensors), pressure differential switches;
  • standard and special thermostats and temperature regulators , thermocouples;
  • automatic control systems for processing, distributed systems;
  • temperature sensors: thermometers for thermocouples and resistance. Temperature sensor Jumo Pt100

Equipment produced by the company Juma is used in electric power industry, food industry, pharma industry, heavy industry, metallurgy, cellulose and paper industry and chemical industry due to high accuracy and reliability of measurement, reliability in usage and efficiency. Microelectronic overpressure and absolute pressure sensor JUMO dTrans p30

In order to buy equipment or spare parts Jumo, to receive information concerning technical characteristics of this equipment or prices, send us an e-mail to sales@ia.ua or contact us by phone: 213-78-55, 213-86-55.


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