INFOCOM LTD delivers a wide range of equipment Harting into Ukraine

Harting logoEquipment Harting is available for distribution in Ukraine.

Our company INFOCOM LTD delivers a wide range of equipment Harting for cables and printed circuit boards, connectors for electronics and power electrical engineering, for connecting devices and network components. This equipment is used for industrial equipment and devices, in health care industry and instrumentation engineering. This equipment can be used in designing railway transport or building equipment, in shipbuilding or by factories which produce military purpose products.

Our company INFOCOM LTD offers delivery and distribution of full list of equipment Harting in Ukraine:

  • industrial connectors Harting Han®:
    - industrial fuse elements: up to 16 А, up to 216 contacts, high and low voltage, high current;
    - end caps and bodies Harting;
    - contacts: screw terminals, pressure terminals, axial screw terminals, terminals Han-Quick Lock®;
    - industrial connectors Harting Han-Yellock®;
    - components for connection of actuators;
    - special industrial connectors Harting;
    - connectors for power distribution: Harting (Han-Power® S и Han-Power® T).
  • cables and cable assemblies Harting:
    - distribution modules and receptacles;
    - tools for cable connection Harting Ha-VIS preLink®;
    - electrical cables Harting;
    - cables for radio-frequency identification;
    - cable assemblies Ethernet;
    - communication cables Harting;
  • board-to-board connectors Harting:
    - connectors Harting har-flex® (1.27мм);
    - connectors har-flexicon®;
    - board-to-board connectors Harting har-bus®;
    - connectors Harting DIN 41 612;
    - board-to-board connectors Harting Mini Coax (6,25мм);
    - connections Harting MCE Micro Card Edge (0,8мм);
    - connections Harting AdvancedTCA/MicroTCA (0,75мм);
    - connectors Harting har-bus® HM (2мм).
  • interface connectors Harting:
    - connectors PushPull for data, power and signal transmission;
    - industrial connectors for Ethernet RJ Industrial®;
    - interface connectors Harting har-port;
    - metric interface connectors (2мм) har-link®;
    - circular connectors;
    - miniature connectors har-mik®;
    - connecting systems IDC (2,54x2,54мм) for flat cable;
    - connectors Harting D-Sub.
  • Hall effect sensors Harting: used in power electronics for  measurement of different current types (direct, alternate, pulse ...);
  • accessories and tools Harting:
    - crimping tools Harting;
    - accessories and tools;
    - maintanance tools Harting;
    - tools for cable installation Harting Ha-VIS preLink®;
    - tools for electric contacts;
    - tools for optical contacts;
    - IDC tools;
    - press-in tools.

We are ready to provide you with all necessary information concerning technical characteristics of Harting equipment. See our contacts here.


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