New range of Profinet-certified absolute encoders from Lika

Lika El logoLika presents a complet range of Profinet-certified absolute encoders.

Absolute encoders Profinet  are available in both low cost 27-bit resolution multiturn EM series and high resolution singleturn (18-bit) and multiturn (30-bit) H series, Profinet IO encoders fully comply with the Encoder Profile Specifications V4.1 version 3.162 are based on the PROFIdrive profile. Furthermore they meet the requirements of the Application Classes 3 and 4 and support the RT real-time transmission mode and the IRT isochronous real-time mode to meet precise data (vibration less than 1 µs and cycle time down to 1 ms). Profinet encoders support the standard telegrams 81, 82, 83 and 84 and fulfill advanced functions such as full scaling, preset, code sequence, position and velocity readout, diagnostic information. Main features - real time communication, deterministic synchronization, complete diagnostics, IT integration.


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