Siemens presented new RFID readers (SIMATIC RF685R, RF605R и RF650R) for the ultra-high frequency (UHF) band

siemens logo1SIMATIC RF600: New UHF RFID systems - high reliability for production and logistics

Three new RFID readers (SIMATIC RF685R, RF605R и RF650R) for the ultra-high frequency (UHF) band in different functional and performance classes enable users to implement RFID projects more quickly and to reduce plant downtimes.

Main features:
- complete integration with TIA-Portal (Totally Integrated Automation);
- diagnostic functions for maximum plant availability;
- highest read/write reliability, even in demanding RF environments;
- SIMATIC RF685R with integrated polarization variable antenna.

The highest quality, the most up-to-date technology and an intelligent concept are the main features of the latest generation of our RFID RF600 devices. And. New RF600 devices are customized precisely to Customer’s needs: The well-priced basic device is particularly suitable for logistics applications. This solution with an integrated PROFINET interface was specially developed for automation environments.
Sinamics RF600

A new RF650R is a well-priced basic device that is particularly suitable for use in logistics. You can connect up to four external antennas to the well-priced RF650R basic device. This enables efficient implementation of extensive systems, i.e. in distribution warehouses. Thanks to the integrated RJ45 Ethernet interface and XML protocol, the RF650R can be quickly and easily integrated into existing IT environments.

RF680R - The System for Automation Environments

The RF680R’s main features include the following:
- diagnosis On-Location. The LED display of the RF680R displays all important data, and the second PROFINET interface saves it on additional adapters or switches;
- complete integration into Automation and IT.  Due to the integrated PROFINET interface, RF680R devices can be connected without additional interface modules. 

Major highlights of the RF685R are:
- integrated antenna in the RF685R provides for variable polarization;
- high-quality radio chip which interacts optimally with the integrated, adaptive antenna. It also reduces the effort for system planning and implementation.


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