Moxa presented a new UC-8100 RISC computer for industrial automation.

 moxaA new UC-8100 RISC computer by MOXA for large scale, big data WAN applications!

Moxa presents a new UC-8100 RISC computer, an embedded computing platform specifically designed for large scale, big data WAN applications in solar and other energy monitoring systems, as well as in distributed industrial automation.

The UC-8100’s communication capabilities let users adapt it to a wide variety of complex communication and processing solutions as a communications platform and as a secure gateway for data acquisition and in-the-field processing.
The UC-8100 is built around an ARMv7 Cortex-A8 processor and it comes with up to two RS-422/485 serial ports alongside dual auto-sensing 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN ports and a Mini PCIesocket to support a cellular interface and other modules. Also Moxa has engineered the UC-8100 with strong protection from network attacks by taking the powerful Trusted Platform Module (TPM) one step further, and integrating a patented secure boot algorithm that delivers robust protection against kernel corruption of any sort. Small and scalable, the UC-8100 features a compact, space-saving form factor with a standard DIN rail mount for easy installation. Native support for Modbus makes for convenient sensor installation, while there is ample room for memory expansion using either SD or mini SD cards.



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