Siemens presented new ventilated Simotics DP Steel Plant Motors

siemens logo1Siemens presented new industry-specific motors for steel plants

In November 2014 Siemens presented a whole range of industry-specific motors for steel plants based on the Simotics 1LE1 motor platform. The ventilated Simotics DP Steel Plant Motors are specially designed for applications in the steel industry and they meet the high demands in terms of vibrations and shocks according to Class 3M4. 

Series of the new motors were designed for appliance with of the Sinamics S120 converters and, as integrated drive systems, contribute to reliable and efficient operation; the IE3 efficiency class ensures particularly high energy savings.

The Simotics DP Steel Plant Motors offer solutions for steel production processes including the transport processes – for transport to the reheating furnace and cooling bed or on beam rolling mills or run-out tables. The main feature of motors is a mechanical design that has been continuously tested in accordance with to DIN EN60721-3-3 and exhibit a correspondingly high resistance to vibration and shocks, compliant with Class 3M4'.

The motors are available in 4- and 6-pole designs with shaft heights from 112mm to 280 mm and in the torque range from 20 Nm to 578 Nm. The Steel Plant range comprises not only mains-powered motors, but also versions optimised for converter operation with special insulation systems. When used together with the Sinamics S120 drive system, these motors form an integrated drive system that contributes to particularly dynamic and reliable production processes.

Operation with the Sinamics S120 converter enables group drives to be implemented with a high level of synchronisation.


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