INFOCOM LTD offers equipment produced by ELEMER for automation of technical processes suitable for all industrial applications.

Elemer logoINFOCOM LTD offers distribution of a range of high-precision equipment, measuring and control equipment produced by ELEMER in Ukraine.

ELEMER produces the following equipment: pressure sensors, different temperature measuring equipment, including equipment with unified signal, locking and safety fittings, power supply units and signal converters, measuring and control units, video graphic recorders and chart recorders, timers, electromagnetic flow meters and ultrasonic flow meters, metrology equipment, operational control tools, measuring and control equipment.  

INFOCOM LTD offers distribution of the following equipment produced by ELEMER in Ukraine:
- different models of indicators, power supplies and different pressure sensors (absolute pressure, excess pressure, differential pressure sensors);
-  temperature sensors suitable for all industrial applications, including critical process industry installations. INFOCOM LTD offers also thermocouples and other supplementary equipment, including fittings and cables, wires of different purposes, sensing elements;
- electronic thermometers, modern humidity converters with wide variety of applications;
- technological measuring and indicating units;
- power supplies with function of signal transformation;
- multi-point recorders, including paperless recorders;
- temperature control systems.

Our experts are always ready to help you choose the most suitable equipment and provide all necessary technical information. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Our contacts: Tel.: (061) 213-78-55, (213) 48-66, e-mail address -


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