Innovations by Phoenix Contact in December

The company Phoenix Contact offers new 2000Т optical converters for operation at extended temperatures.Media converters of the 2000Т series suitable for operation at extended temperatures.

The company Phoenix Contact offers new 2000Т optical converters for operation at extended temperatures.

The 2000Т media converters are equipped with optical connectors SC and ST, and characterized by quick commutation for time-critical applications. Individual LEDs on each port module display a connection status; adjustment of operational modes is carried out by DIP-switches.

Advantages of the 2000Т media converters:
- high interference immunity of optic data transmission;
- maximum transmission distance is up to 40 km (when using a single-mode optics);
- operational flexibility and extended operating temperature range (from -40°C up to +75 °C);
- continuous connection control thanks to the Link Fault Pass Through function;
- compact and damage-proof metal package.


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