New G9SR safety relays by Omron.

omron logoG9SR family modules operate standalone and as a system with input and output extension. All modules are simple to set up using DIP-switches and provide clear diagnosis via LEDs on the front.

- three modules for all safety relay unit applications;
- solid-state outputs for long life and high current safety relay outputs;
- detailed LED indications enable easy diagnosis;
- safe on- and off-delay function up to Ple;
- up to PLe according to EN ISO 13949-1 and SIL 3 according to EN 61508.

Key characteristics of the new safety relay modules include certification to category PLe in line with EN/ISO 13849-1, fast response time to ensure minimum stopping times, solid-state outputs for long-life wear-free operation, compact housings to save space in control panels and removable spring-type terminals to ensure rapid straightforward installation. All units are equipped with an additional monitoring output to provide diagnostic information for use by the standard control system.


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