New controller WAC-2004 by Moxa

moxaIn 2015 Moxa introduced the industrial wireless access controller WAC-2004

Main characteristics:
- AP controller and Mobile IP home agent;
- millisecond-level controller-based Turbo Roaming;
- IEEE 802.11i-compliant wireless security;
- layer-3 Mobile IP technology;
- up to 450 Mbps throughput for tunneling;
- scalable tunneling capacity

The advanced Moxa Wireless Access Controller, the WAC-2004, together with Controller-based Turbo Roaming technology, enables millisecond-level roaming over different IP subnets. The advanced roaming algorithm along with Mobile IP technology allows wireless client to roam between APs in different IP subnets within milliseconds while upholding stringent security in extremely demanding environments. The WAC-2004 is rated to operate at temperatures of 0 to 50°C and is rugged enough for on-site installation in any harsh industrial environment.


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