Schneider Electric introduced new UPS APC Back-UPS

Schneider Electric logoCompany Schneider Electric introduced in March 2015 its new product – BX range of APC Back-UPSs.

Interactive linear UPSs Back-UPS BX700UI, BX950UI и BX1400UI equipped with computer receptacles and built-in surge protectors will replace models BX650CI, BX800CI и BX1100CI. The specific feature of this range of UPSs is increased electrical power interruption tolerance, USB-port for connection with PC.

UPS can automatically stabilize the voltage within the range of 140—300V (BX700UI) and 150—280V (BX950UI и BX1400UI) to the safe level, that allows operating of connected electrical devices in a continual mode under reduced and increased voltage in the domestic electrical networks. The USB-port is used for connection of UPS Back-UPS BX700UI, BX950UI and BX1400UI to PC.


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