Unmanned Technologies

The foundation of innovative technologies support raises costs for financing umnammed automobile prototype UKROP-001

UKROP is the first national ground unmanned patrol and fighting vehicle designed for patrolling and protection of national borders..

Body of UKROP will be based on the standard reinforced frame of the off-road vehicle, with specially designed armored shell and airless tires. It can be optionally equipped with military flying and non-flying weapons.

A car will be equipped with a complex of special sensors, that consist of:

  • the thermal imagine device with a system for automatic target designation and acquisition;
  • forward, rear and peripheral vision cameras;
  • microphone and powerful loudspeakers for providing two-way full duplex radio communication;
  • front and rear radars for detecting obstacles;
  • rangefinder;
  • capacitive sensor for detecting human presence within a radius of 18 meters;
  • signaling system with signalling and signal blocking in case of peace and quiet order, in any case with sending a message about vehicle impact or approaching through the special communication systems.

Due to the modern video surveillance systems this vehicle can be used under any environmental conditions day and night.
At night UKROP can move both without identification lamps using thermal imagine device and be driven by an operator, and move independently, along a predetermined path.

More on foundation page infond.org


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