PROFIBUS network complex diagnostics and troubleshooting

profibus1INFOCOM LTD offers services in PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA network complex diagnostics and troubleshooting

List of services:

  • Checking PROFIBUS network project;
  • Testing assembled PROFIBUS networks,network debugging;
  • Checking physical and logic levels of PROFIBUS network;
  • Checking network logic accuracy;
  • Periodical PROFIBUS network checking for enterprises for functioning vibratory equipment (e.g., functioning pressing units)

Target audience:

  • Enterprises with functioning vibratory equipment;
  • Enterprises with periodical troubles in the PROFIBUS network;
  • Enterprises that carry out assembly of PROFIBUS networks individually and want to carry out checking of performed solutions or to debug a network.

Qualification and experience:

  • Leading Ukrainian company in the field of industrial enterprise automation;
  • Experience of work with automated systems and industrial networks - 19 years;
  • SIEMENS certiefied PROFIBUS experts;
  • Detailed reporting and use of the latest diagnostic equipment by SOFTING while diagnostics.


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