Hookup of the well № 52 of Semirenkovsky gas condensate field

In 2015 our company INFOCOM LTD introduced a completed project “Semirenkovsky gas condensate field development. Hookup of the well № 52 of Semirenkovsky gas condensate field”

The goal of the project was the expansion of the existing system on the basis of a S7-300 control unit with software upgrading for the parameter control system and the system for control of four pumps Н-2-7, Н-2-8, Н-2-9, Н-2-10 and installation of a new system on the basis of the S7-1500 control unit for control of the flowline center, emergency fuel combustion depot and security system.

Sемиренковское ГКМ

The result if implementation of this project was:
increasing of safety in manufacturing and environmental safety due to forecasting of possibility of emergency situation, automatic emergency protection system, providing protection against faulty personnel actions, operativeness and accident localizing;
reducing losses of the produced gas and consumed energy sources due to increasing accuracy and optimization  of process control, safety and operativeness of raw material and energy sources recording etc.


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