Absolute encoders by Lika Electronics in September

Lika Electronics абсолютные энкодерыIn September 2015 Lika Electronics presented new absolute optical encoders AST6, AMT6 with improved resolution and with odbus/TCP Ethernet protocol support.

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Lika Electronics абсолютный энкодер

The range of absolute encoders has improved its resolution and now Lika Electronics presents new absolute  optical encoders AST6 and AMT6:

  • singleturn version - up to 18 bits
  • multiturn version - up to 30 bits

 AST6 and AMT6 - absolute optical encoders (absolute optical sensors) with standard US size square flange.

 They encompass the 4-bolt 2.063” bolt center-to-center square flange and have a very robust design for rough applications. They come in a rugged zamac die-cast enclosure and high IP67 protection rate (up to IP66 on the flange side). Thus they are made to live up to the demands of severe industrial environments such as woodworking machinery and packaging lines. 

They are available in both singleturn version and multiturn version with high accuracy optical sensing technology. The singleturn resolution is extended up to 18 bits (262,144 cpr), the multiturn resolution is up to 16 x 14 bits (65536 cpr x 16384 rev.).

The absolute information is provided via parallel and SSI interfaces. The parallel output information can be in Binary, Gray and even BCD code on request; while the SSI interface can further provide an additional AB /AB incremental track for speed feedback. 

A variety of output connection options -cable output and M23, D-Sub and even MIL connectors in either radial or axial configuration- adds real flexibility and accommodates individual requirements.

As a further benefit, these encoders can be operated using +7.5Vdc to +34Vdc input voltage.

For further information concerning other  versions of Lika Electronics encoders click Lika Electronics in our website.


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