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Wago logoIn December Wago presented new EPSITRON CLASSIC power supplies.

The robust 1-, 2- and 3-phase EPSITRON CLASSIC power supplies distinguish themselves by a slim design that allows saving cabinet space.
The devices have integrated TopBoost function and cost-effective, secondary-side fuse protection.

Advantages of new 2- and 3-phase EPSITRON CLASSIC power units:
- cost-effective, secondary-side fusing via integrated TopBoost;
- slim design;
- wide input voltage range and an increased level of transient protection;
- UL and GL approvals;
- convenient pre-wiring via CAGE CLAMP connection technology;
- 100% protection against errors;
- marking field, convenient device identification

Wago modules

The EPSITRON CLASSIC power supplies distinguish themselves by a wide input voltage range of 320 to 575V and a higher transient protection level, including surge protection up to 4 kV on the input side. All EPSITRONCLASSIC power supplies can be used at ambient operating temperatures ranging from -25 °C to +70 °C. These units can function at a temperature of -40 °C while reducing the output load starts from a temperature of +55 °C.

The new 2-phase power supply is designed for applications with voltage of 24VDC and current of up to 5A (787-1628). The 3-phase power supplies are suitable for voltage of 24 V and current of up to 10A (787-1640), 20A (787-1642) and 40A (787-1644). Each model is equipped with a green status LED that indicates the availability of the output voltage.  Trusted CAGE CLAMP connection technology permits convenient pre-wiring while protecting from errors. 


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