Encoder С50 Lika Electronics

In February 2016 Lika electronic presented its redesigned and updated encoder C50 totally with compatible previous models C50 by Lika Electronic.

After 20 years of successful presence on the market encoder C50 has been completely redesigned, but it is still remains totally compatible with previous versions. It’s the next generation of the best selling encoder from Lika Electronic.

Lika 50 encoder

In order to buy encoder С50 by Lika Electronic you can click here Contacts. If you would like to see the other devices produced by Lika Electroniс you can visit our webpage Lika Electroniс.

Lika Electronic has totally redesigned and updated the most popular incremental encoder and launches the next generation of C50 adding a handful of new features at the same competitive price.

The die-cast aluminium enclosure has been fully revised to meet more wide requirements. More fixing points allow installing a variety of fixing plates and even special or customized plates. Furthermore they are provided on both shaft sides of the enclosure to better fit each application. 

The new model has the same footprint as the old model to preserve the backward compatibility and the very compact size: the enclosure diameter is 52 mm (2.05”) and the overall profile is 32.3 mm (1.27“).

The through hollow shaft ranges between 6 (0.24") and 10 mm (0.39") bore diameters.

The degree of protection is IP65 and the operating temperature is extended to -40°C ÷ +100°C (-40°F ÷ +212°F).

Incremental encoder C50 provides 8192 pulses per revolution and AB0 plus inverted square wave signals through Universal, Push-Pull and Line Driver output circuits.

C50 is ideal for motor feedback operations and installation in constricted space


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