Review - First Brewery (Kazakhstan)

INFOCOM recieved the review from our project in Kazakhstan - Software modernization on flash-pasteurizer of kegs bottling line. We thank our Customers for rewiev and our collegues for exellent job!

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Reference - Yeristovo Mining - Automation

Reference for the project fully automated according to the project "Automation system of dispatching control of boiler house for technical support of Yeristovo Mining".

Еристовский ГОК - Автоматизированная система диспетчерского котроля

Boryszew Kunststofftechnik Deutschland

Taras Shevchenko blvd, 56       
Zaporozhye, Ukraine
General Director 
Company "Infocom LTD"
Trotsenko E.A.


                                                                     Dear Mr. Trotsenko!

Our company highly recommeds INFOCOM LTD for your abas Business Suit implementation.

While consulting INFOCOM LTD showed their professionalism in business processed consulting (effective work with key users, preparation of recommendations, work in short term implemenation plan, consulting on ERP-system implemenation, deep knowledge of user needs, effective processes use and quick resulting, easy sharing their knowledge.

All this makes working with INFOCOM LTD very comfortable.

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Reference - Dunapack Tavria - Equipment supply



Tsurupinsk, Ukraine

To Generan Direktor


Trotsenko E.A.

With this letter company Dunapack Tavria confirms the fact of successfull cooperation in the sphere of equipment supply.

We thank you for professionalism and real-time response to assigned tasks.

Hope for further successful cooperation.

Dunapak-reference letter-equipment supply

Review - «Vetropack Gostomel Glass Factory»

08290, Ukraine,

Kyiv region. town. Hostomel,

pl. Rekunova 2

To General Director
Company "Infocom LTD."
Trotsenko EA


JSC Vetropack Gostomel Glass Factory recognizes with appreciation the InfoCom LTD experts for quality, professionalism and operativeness, shown while rerforming of service maintenance of glass furnaces №№ 82,83, and weight line №3 and sections in maintanance of systems “Water conditioning” and “Oil-pumping station” during 2010-2012.
While realisation of service maintenance by the INFOCOM LTD experts were fulfilled the following work arts:

  1. Equipment diagnostics, performance restoration and programm adjustment of visualisation system of ACS of glass furnace №83, powered by РСS7 system.
  2. Diagnostics, adjustment of programm and service maintenance of automation systems powered by РСS7 system;
  3. Diagnostics and modification of software for work stabilisation of CS of backup fuel stations on glass furnaces №№ 82,83;
  4. Adjustment of a programm on the weight line and provision of consulting services in realisation of backup copies of control programs of systems “Water conditioning” and “Oil-pumping station”.

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