EPLAN training

training EplanWe invite the specialists of Your enterprise to attend a course in work with CAD  EPLAN Electric P8

Training center «INFOCOM LTD», located in Zaporozhye, invites all to take pat in following courses in work with a CAD-system EPLAN Electric P8:

  • Basic Training Course (Course program  BASIC I doesn’t include  pre-training);
  • Advanced course (Course program  BASIC II offers pre-training in BASIC I) .

Training courses are focused on  specific design tasks, which can be fulfilled by the CAD with a wide range of automated reports and funktions, which is based on work with the component databases.
Course participants  obtain the Certificate of Course completion.
On the Customer’s request the carrying out of the courses on a call-out basis is also possible.


Program of information and consulting services in BASIC I.

Duration: 3 days

Pre-training: not required
Subjects of the lessons:

  • Technical requierements and adjstment of the operation interface
  • Adjustment of the program parameters
  • Creation of the project from the layout and creation of project patterns
  • Work with the pages of the project, import/export of the project pages
  • Work with a graphic editor
  • Creation and edition of the schema, using of the free graphics.
  • AutoConnects, numbering of the connects
  • Additional elements (“black box”, work with single-, and multipolar circiuts
  • Macro technologies


Program of information and consulting services in BASIC II

Duration: 2 days

Pre-training: BASIC I
Subjects of the lessons:

  • PLC - programmable logic controllers
  • Renumbering of the curcuit structures
  • Element database mangement
  • Arrangement of a data cabinet
  • Compression, check run of the project, correction of the errors
  • Report generation

If you want to get more information about the EPLAN products or training programs, call us or send an e-mail - our contacts.

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