Development of design documents

Specialization of "INFOCOM Ltd" includes development of projects ASU TP for different purposes and the degree of difficulty:

  • "Turn-key" projects in parts:spisok2 en
    • part of instrumentation and automation (equipment selection, deployment automation, schemes of external connections, cable tracing);
    • part of the ASU TP (development of control cabinets);
    • electrical part (selection of electrical equipment, accommodation, management of mechanisms, lighting, alarm systems);
    • part of the nonstandard equipment (based on the requirements of engineers and designers used to proportion of electrical equipment, traced the cable, etc.)
    • part of the tasks on contiguous part (for a proper understanding of the boundaries of design and provide the necessary conditions of the developed construction jobs, jobs in heating, ventilation, and task for reciprocal signals)
  • instrumentation and automation projects
  • ACS projects
  • projects for motor control systems
  • structured cable networks (SCN)
  • systems access control and video observation
  • lighting
  • electricity distribution
  • projects of alternative energy
  • building automation
  • calculation of electricity (AMR system)
  • development of assembly drawings of cabinets control systems for various purposes
  • development of technical specifications
  • adaptation of the design documentation of the Customer in accordance with his requirements
  • carrying out installation and commissioning works

«INFOCOM LTD» deals with the developing of engineering design documentation of:

  • buildings and structures for manufacturing purpose;
  • complete control cabinets of different degrees of complexity; 
    • electric wiring thermally-stabilized cabinets, IP54;
    • control cabinets, version IP54, with filter and ventilator, without inductors;
    • cabinets for electric drives control; - electro-technical control cabinets;
    • electropneumatic and pneumatic cabinets for equipment control systems;
  • power systems for plants;
  • video control, communication network, data transmission systems.

                        PKD-01  PKD-02   PKD-03

Инструменты для проектирования

Instruments used for designing

Teamwork and application in the development of automation projects for the most advanced design technology allows to our engineers quickly and unmistakably develop a quality design documentation.

  • Revolutionary product for developing of the electrical principal schemes - automated design system EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN PPE
  • World famous package for design AutoCAD
  • Highly tailored package designing MICROSTATION V8
  • Specially designed SIMARIS DESIGN package for developing of control cabinets by technology SIVACON from the famous German company SIEMENS
  • Integrated development system COMOS

The unique concept ePLAN Electric P8 allows you to perform the combined design and data transfer:

Structure of design-engineering Department

Структура проектно-конструкторского департамента

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