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«INFOCOM LTD» provides a whole range of services in design of the integrated vertically-integrated automated control systems of technological processes, incl. application of the innovative technologies for integrated design SIMATIC PCS7, from sensors and actuating mechanisms to the MES-level with integration into the enterprise ERP-system. In addition we provide the customer with the engineering documentation, all necessary equipment and software; we carry out the installation of equipment, integration adjustment of the software. All designing control systems are provided with the warranty and post-warranty services. Also we carry out the integrated system testing and Customer personnel training.

All control systems developed by INFOCOM LTD are provided with the warranty and post-warranty services.

Our area of specialization includes main types of works:

  1.  "Turn-key” project development on terms of general contracting (You can see the License for performance of the Contractor works in the subcategory Licenses and Certificates”);

  2. Initial data collection on a call-out basis;

  3. Development and approval of the Technical assignment and Design task, Customers assistance in formalization of requirements to the automated control system (ACS of TP) and for the whole production complex;

  4. Development of the engineering documentation, using the modern and the most efficient engineering tools such as as EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN Pro Panel, EPLAN PPE, COMOS, Simaris Design, Simaris Sivacon, AutoCAD; 

  5. Development of the software for the automated system (development of the software for ACS TP) of any complexity using both the traditional softwares as Simatic S7, WinCC, WinCC Flexible, and the program set for development of the ACS of TP.

  6. Assembly of equipment (control cabinet production) on the own assembly area;

  7. Equipment installation on the object (with the installation of the utility networks),works on the high-risk objects (our licenses );

  8. Performance of the commissioning works for automated control system of technical processes (ACSTP);

  9. Assistance in putting into commission of the production facility;

  10. After-sales service of ACS TP (control system) and post-warranty service of ACS TP;

  11. Cusomers personnel training on the object or personnel training in our Learning Center..

For more detailed information and technical consultation send your enquiry to the e-mail sales@infocom-ltd.com (reply will be sent within 2 days) or consult by our experts in our office in Zaporozhye: 8 (061) 213-78-55.

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