Energy distribution systems

We offer services in design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of low, - and high-voltage electric equipment for power distribution.

We carry out assembly of cabinets in-house:

Low voltage (0,4 кV)

Low-voltage switchgears manufactured according to SIEMENS  SIVACON 8PT and SIVACON S8 technology:Middle power

  • Lead-in distributors:
    • Inlet of electric power
    • electric power distribution
    • metering
  • main switchboards
  • low-voltage devices
  • low-voltage switchgears
  • auxiliary terminal installations
  • automatic standby activation cabinets
  • modular cabinets
  • reactive power compensation devices
  • motor control centers (MCC)

Medium voltage (up to 35 kV)

  • Complete transformer substations of:
    • mast type
    • mast type single-phased
    • with air inletMiddle power
    • urban networks
    • double-ended substation
    • cable substation
    • with allowance for side 10 (6) kW
  • switchgears of unilateral maintenance
  • concrete containers
  • transformers:
    • power
    • of voltage measurement
    • of current measurement
    • step-down
  • Accessories for the medium voltage equipment:
    • surge suppressors
    • high voltage fuses
    • breakers
    • high-voltage power circuit-breakers
      • load break switches
      • vacuum switches
    • disconnectors

or other items/devices according to your project.

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