Enterprise Resource Management

"INFOCOM LTD" is a member of a global partner network Software AG since 2009 and as an official partner it provides the following services to its customers:

  • analysis and optimization of the business processes of the company
  • selection of the best solution
  • Adoption and customization of abas Business Suite
  • End user training
  • Technical support for users
  • Local support  of abas Business Suite
  • Adoption and customization of additional solutions (DMS, BI, Business Aps)
  • Integration with other systems of the company

Abas Business Suite – high functionality, flexible, reliable and mobile ERP-solution for small and medium-sized business enterprises.

According to Your requirements abas Business Suite gives the wide possibilities for optimization and automation of Your enterprise activity and for profitability growth of Your business. The system flexibility makes possible to improve the business processes as soon as possible, and the combination of knowledges and skills with  a unique metodology of abas GIM adoption ensures the efficient use of the system.



Mailing address: 69001, Ukraine, Zaporozhie, 
Taras Shevchenko, blvd, 56
Coordinates: N 47 ° 50 '27 "/ E 35 ° 06' 11"
Phone: +380 (61) 213-78-55 
+380 (61) 213-79-55
Fax: +380 (61) 213-48-66
Email: sales@ia.ua
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