Information system integration

In conditions of continuous, dynamic growth of business the main mistake of many companies is underestimation of an problem of an integration and compatibility between IT-systems. All these problems are solved in a fastest way, which are in most cases are not connected with each other (point-to-point), which finally leads to the siatuation, when mainatanance or creation of connection between already existing IT-sysems, or integration of new IT-systems and business-processes requiere a huge amout of human resources, time and budget.

Связи между IT-системами без ESB

Presentation of solutions in integration of  information systems: pdf Download

Main task of enterprise service bus – to replace all local integration tools between systems with global architectural solutions, which covers all IT-systems and busines-processes of interaction between them.

Advantages of such approach are:

  • Simplification of business-process in information entering and storage into the system, providind an unified information ascess point in the company (for example, after entering he information through the counteragent into the ERP-system, the bus, using a business-process, transfers it to all interested users and systems);
  • Unified storage point of all business-processes of the company
  • Cost reduction for development of new integration solution and implementation of new business-processes between the systems and in the company in general.
  • Cost reduction for system management and bringing of the information architecture of a company to the minimal interaction between user.

Связи между IT-системами c ESB


Implementation of  Microsoft BizTalk Server

Microsoft BizTalk Server – is a server solution for creation of multi-function integration solution with ESB-architecture. This solution has been existing and developing more than 10 years and allows starting a creation of an integration with a samll solution, and smoothly upgrade it on the companie’s demand. With a solution is a set of basic adapters supplied, which allow to connect IT-systems, using different protocols.

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Solution in abas ERP and 1С integration

For the company “INFOCOM LTD” products of Microsoft are a proprietary standard, and the company is a partner of Microsoft, that’s why it was decided, to carry out an integration of IT-systems, using Microsoft BizTalk Server. As main systems, which need to be integrated, served abas ERP and 1C. In addition, it was necessary to enable additiinal programs and systems for connection.

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Solution in integration of  MES-components

As a connecting link between components of the system was chosen Microsoft BizTalk Server. Main tasks were imposed on BizTalk.

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