Solution in abas ERP and 1С integration

For the company “INFOCOM LTD” products of Microsoft are a proprietary standard, and the company is a partner of Microsoft, that’s why it was decided, to carry out an integration of IT-systems, using Microsoft BizTalk Server. As main systems, which need to be integrated, served abas ERP and 1C. In addition, it was necessary to enable additiinal programs and systems for connection.

On the picture is integration between abas ERP and 1C plotted.

Интеграция между abas ERP и 1C


Implemented solution allows:

  • to create a common base of regulatory reference documents;
  • to reduce the number of errors due to minimisation of manual information input;
  • to reduce accounting functions of different systems;
  • to carry out the monitoring of the company’s business-processes;
  • to implemet the opportunity of implementation of new srvices and applications;

Also was developed a range of the unique adapters for connection of abas ERP and 1С to the BizTalk Server. In addition to its uniqueness these adapters are distinguished by its simple integration both with other systems and between homogeneous systems. For example, connection of several different versions of (for example 1С 7.7 in the regional and 1С 8.2 in the head office) and storage of general information in the «gold base».

On the picture is integration between different configurations 1C plotted (using the “gold).

Интеграция между различными конфигруациями 1С

Implemented solution allowed:

  • to use a common information base in the company with a number of points of entry points;
  • to reduce the number of errors due to synchronisation of the information in the systems;
  • to reduce a time expenditure needed for the receiving of the information;
  • to separate the functions of different systems without the information loss;
  • to carry out a monitoring of business-processes of the whole company, and of its representative (regional) offices;
  • to implemet the opportunity of implementation of the new services, applications or configurations 1С without a loss of efficiency of the whole system.
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