Our competency is automated control systems and manufacturing execution systems (MES-systems).

    • automated logistics systems:
      • movement tracking systems for row material, half-finished materials and end products between production areas and within them (INFOCOM.MFT) – the system allows to obtain both current status and whole activity history;
      • material flow control systems are control systems for lots and sublots movement with identification with the help of bar codes and RFID-tags;
    • industrial process control:
      • monitoring and journalizing of equipment work in real time mode – by information gathering from controller tags of diversified automated control systems of technological processes;
      • development of shift target or its import from ERP-systems;
      • changing of shift target in real time mode depending on requirements of sales department, e.g. rush order, equipment capabilities, e.g. machine tool breakdown etc.;
      • export of shit target fulfillment results into the ERP-system;
    • monitoring and saving of manufacturing history:
      • recipe/specification of manufacturing of every unit/lot;
      • used while manufacturing of equipment;
      • stuff, involved in manufacturing;
      • monitoring of bottlenecks in manufacturing;
  • intregration with laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and recipes control systems (ISA88);
  • automated systems of semiproduct warehouse and end product control – systems use equipment for work with bar codes, RFID-tags and weight measuring equipment for speed-up of receipt/shipment, search easing and also for reduction of human factor influence by these operations;
  • systems of reporting/accounting generation:
    • shift-end, end-of-day and month-end accounts in processes;
    • reports about equipment used in equipment manufacturing process;
    • reports about consumed energy carriers in manufacturing process;
    • reports about composition and quantity of atmospheric emissions.


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