Unmanned transport complex

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One platform - different equipment

Unmanned-Platform-application EN

Brochure "Umnammed multipurpose complexes" (pdf)

Unmanned ground vehicles are built on the basis of the standard cars, special purpose vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission as well as a manual gearbox with an integrated electric wheel control (ERA) or electromechanical steering control (EMRU) with intelligent automatic control and positioning, and is intended:

  •   to patrol borders in complex and extremely difficult conditions;
  •   as a means of drug delivery point for first aid and transporting the wounded;
  •   means for the delivery of humanitarian assistance and energy in areas of high relief, viral and radiation situation;
  •   means of delivering goods, food and ammunition for defense facilities of the armed forces;
  •   to detect explosive devices, this car is equipped with additional special equipment and surveillance cameras.
  •   means of monitoring local emergency (fire, smoke, etc.) to the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES);
  •   means for transporting people from dangerous areas;
  •   additional means of telecommunications;
  •   means, as the solution of various problems in agriculture.

Unmanned vehicles can save money, and lives of the military and civilians.

Land drones are classified into:

  •      cars;
  •      trucks;
  •      special vehicles (ambulance, fire, delivery vehicles, etc.);
  •      Armoured vehicles
  •      tractors, combine harvesters, etc.
  •      individual vehicles Segwayi giroskuter (Inmotion R1, Uixon).

Land drone equipped with an intelligent automatic control system with a system of tactical positioning and can operate autonomously.

Software for helping people - variants and descriptions

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Unmanned cars, trucks and special purpose vehicles are able to accelerate more than 60 km / h with a payload weighing more than 300 kg and can be equipped with light armor, which covers the vital systems of the machine, and equipped with special tires, in the case of a puncture, with reinforced sidewalls for technology RunFlat.

Persons who are admitted to the management of unmanned ground vehicles must meet the following requirements:

  •  the presence of human driving and driving experience with both automatic and manual gearboxes;
  • good knowledge of the mechanics of the car;
  • good vision;
  • ability to work in a very busy schedule and actually be "glued" to the screen, which displays the image unmanned vehicle monitoring
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