Hydraulic equipment

INFOCOM LTD offers direct delivery of hydraulic eqiupment produced by the leading international manufacturers such as BOSCH REXROTH, VICKERS and other foreign manufacturers:

  • hydraulic proportional valves and servo valves

    ропорциональные гидрораспределители и сервораспределителиa wide range of proportional, servo control valves (distribution devices) meets different Customer’s requirements. Rexroth company is the largest international manufacturer and deliverer of proportional and servo valve devices, including liquid forming processes under high-pressure.платы гидроуправления

  • control boards for hydraulic eqiupment;
  • unregulated and regulated pumps of different types

    нерегулируемые и регулируемые насосы(axial-piston pumps with piston cam plate or block for closed and open circulation, gear pupmps of external and internal gearing, radial-piston, vane pumps) and its combination with the range of operating modes Vо = 0,4…1000 см3 and pressure р up to 70 MPa.

  • стандартные гидроцилиндрыstandard hydraulic cylinders

    (diameters from 25 up to 500 mm, pressure up to 25 MPa and up to 10000 mm travel. Unique samples of hydraulic cylinders produced by Rexroth Hydraudyne for metallurgical equipment and hydro-technical structures can have a diameter up to 1450 mm and up to 45000 mm travel.

    гидромоторыгидроаккумуляторы и фильтры
  • Flow back valves of different types;

  • hydraulic accumulators and filters;

  • hydraulic motors

    hydro-07(Vо = 5…1000 cm3, pressure up to 40 MPa) axial-piston (also regulated), radial-piston, eccentric and multiple-pass, and also gerotor machines, there are versions with built-in planetary gear reducers and brakes.

  • high-pressure hoses, plugs;
  • different hydraulic and pneumatic eqiupment of Europe’s leading manufacturers, incl. equipment, developed according to the Cusomer’s drawings.


INFOCOM LTD offers also out-of-the-box solutions in Turn-Keyimplementation of oil-pumping stations, performance restoration of already existing oil-pumping stations.

The warranty period is 12 (twelve) months.


Technical information

 Technical information of hydraulic valves of 4WE6 series (pdf, 190 kB)
 Technical information of hydraulic valves of 4WE10 series (pdf, 221 kB)
 Technical information of hydraulic valves of Rexroth series (pdf, 1.14 MB)


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