Cabling and wiring equipment

lapp gr logoSince 2002 INFOCOM LTD has a status of authorized dealer of “LAPP Ukraine LTD” ltd which is a representative of Lapp Group, leading manufacturer and supplier of wire and cable products including cable accessories and communication technologies around the world.

We offer a partnership in delivery of different Lapp Group wire and cable products and accessories both from warehouse in Zaporozhye and by order.

Certified experts of our company are always ready to render knowledgeable assistance in choosing necessary type of a cable and accessories.

Range of delivered production is represented by:

ÖLFLEX® Voltage cables and control cables
lapp oelflex

Cables designed by ÖLFLEX® are used in mechanical engineering, plant engineering and construction, apparatus engineering and for equipment.

Connectors and control cables - numerical and color marking of cable conductors, copper and steel braiding, different types of cable sheath; with/without yellow-green protective; for intrinsically safe circuits, without halogens, increased mechanical and chemical durability; cables for Servo-appliance, cable conductors, heat-resisting cables and wires; ÖLFLEX® HEAT

 Download Catalog ÖLFLEX (pdf, 186 Мб)

 UNITRONIC® Data transmission systems
 lapp unitronic

Communication cable produced by UNITRONIC® assure quick and reliable transmission of a huge data flow. Large list of communication cables are also offered.

Cables for telephone communication lines, computer cables of 5, 6 and 7 categories; fire detection cable; cable for BUS-systems; cables for PROFIBUS-cables; coaxial cables UNITRONIC® Feldbus

Download Catalog UNITRONIC (pdf, 100 Мб)

 ETHERLINE® Data transmission systems
 lapp etherline

Components for industrial Ethernet

Lapp Group has an opportunity to offer different system solutions in the field of creation of industrial web structures. Factory Automation field with active components for industrial structured networks, components for industrial cable networks.

 Download Catalogue ETHERLINE (pdf, 13,5 Мб)

 HITRONIC® Optical data transmission system
 lapp hitronic

Optical fiber cables, produced by HITRONIC®, serve to quick and reliable transmission of a huge data flow.

Cable for inner and external cable laying, for industrial and building application, with a crush protection.

 Download Catalog HITRONIC (pdf, 17 Мб)

 EPIC® Industrial electric plug connectors
 lapp epic

Plug connectors, designed by EPIC®, are used in mechanical engineering, plant engineering and construction, drive equipment etc.:

  • square electrical connectors
  • cylindric electrical connectors
  • plug connectors for photo-galvanic modules

Download Catalog EPIC (pdf, 127 Мб)

 SKINTOP® Cable entries
 lapp skintop

Cable entries SKINTOP® serve to reliable protection of cables. Just put a cable in, spin a screw as far as it can go. Cable is fixed, centered, air proof: cable entries of nylon plastic, brass, nickel-plated metrical; other thread types; Accessories for thread joints, metrical; Systems for cable entering; Cable entries of polymers or metal, metrical; installation tool; Cable entries of nylon plastic, brass, nickel-plated with thread PG.

  Download Catalog SKINTOP (pdf, 75 Мб)

 SILVYN® Protective and master systems for cables
 lapp silvyn

Additional cable protection against mechanical and chemical influence is allowed due to metal protection tubes of the system for polymer cables, system for metal cables, systems for cables, corrugated, water-proof.

 Download Catalog SILVYN (pdf, 61 Мб)

 FLEXIMARK® Systems for cable marking
 lapp fleximark

Cable marking, marking of separate cable conductors, marking of electrical distribution cabinets etc., is unique, efficient and durable.

Marking of separate cable conductors; Marking of cables and components; computer aided marking; Simple marking; Electronic printer for label printing; Stamping tools

 Download Catalog FLEXIMARK (pdf, 36 Мб)

  Download Catalog "Tools and cable accessories " of Lapp Group  (pdf, 57 Мб)


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