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INFOCOM LTD is one of the top leading 10 companies on the market of measuring systems.
Sales volume of Lika Electronic is constantly growing, and the product list is regularly filled with the new products.

INFOCOM LTD offers the delivery of the whole range of products of Lika Electronic:



lika-C81 I58 lika-AM58 BUS

Optical incremental sensors

technical specification of the models:

I28, I40, I41I58, I58SI65, IT65XC77I105,ICSCK41 - CK-46ECK46C50C51CB50CB59,CB60, C59, C60, C58C58A, C58RCK59, CK60, CK58CK61C80C81C82

Optical absolute sensors

technical specification of the models:

Hx58 FB, Hx58S FB, HxC58 FB, Ax58x PB, Ax58x CB, Ax58x EasyCAN, HM58P, HM58SP, HMC58P, EC, ES58, ES58S, ESC58, EM58, EM58S, EMC58, HS58, HS58S, HSC58, HM58, HM58S, HMC58, HSCT, HMCT, AS5, AS36-AS36E,  AS58, AS58S, ASC58, AST6, XAC77, ASR58, AS58 A З AM58 A, AS58 ISI, AM58 ISI, AM5, AM58, AM58S, AMC58, AM58 P, AM9, AMC9, SC1





lika-magnetic ring sensor lika-SME5-R

Magnetic angular displacement sensors

MC58A - MC58R, MI36, MC36, MI58, MI58S, MC59, MC60, MC58, MS36, MSC36, MM36, MMC36, MM58, MM58S, MMC58, MH58S

Magnetic length and angle measurement systems

 MT, MTS, MRI/31, MRI/48, MRI/114, MRI/284, SGSM - SGSD, SMx-R, SMx-C, EBOX, SMB, SME51, SME21, SME11, SMS11, SMSR, SHD5-SHD2-SHD1, SMK, SML, SMH, SMIG, SMX2, SMX5, LD120, LD130, LD140, LD142, LD141, LD111, LD112, SME5, SME2, SME1, SMS



lika-SMA5 SMA1 magnetic tape

Absolute angle measuring systems

technical specification of the models:


lika-RD2 TE600

Positioning module

technical specification of the models:

LD200MC150MC111MC221, PV1, PS611TE601





Digital indicating units

RD1ARD12A, RD5 - RD52, RD4, RD1, RD12, RD2, RD22, RD3

lika-IT65 couplings

Sleeves, mounting equipment and others



Measuring systems of Lika Electronic are:

  • a favorable price;
  • a short delivery term;
  • a possibility of manufacturing of  Non-Standard Sensors according to the customer's individual requirements;
  • technical support;
  • high reliability.

Experts of INFOCOM LTD are always ready to answer all Your questions concerning these products.

Also you can get a technical assistance after sending a request to the followinf adress (you will get the answer within 3 days), or call our experts: +380 (61) 213-78-55.



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