logo Magnescale 1INFOCOM LTD is an authorized dealer of Magnescale Co., Ltd on the territory of Ukraine.


pdf Download a new Magnescale catalogue (pdf, 5.06 Mb)

"INFOCOM LTD" offers a whole range of equipment for the displacement measuring systems, as:

  • measuring probes;
  • digital indicator units LH70;
  • linear displacement sensors GB-ER (the scales have a built-in mark, TTL- linear output signal and a very reliable construction);
  • a scanning head PL20C;
  • a measuring scale SJ700A;
  • a digital readout unit LG20.


The displacement transducers, and the magnetic measuring probes can be used as for the indicating systems on the simple machines, as for record of displaysment intervals for the CNC machines.

Nowadays the systems produced by Magnescale are used for providing of a measuring and indicating equipment of all types of machines: from simple molding and lathe machines to the modern machining centers.

Linear: Sensor:

h1 SR77

  • SR77
  • SR87
  • SR74/75
  • SR84/85
  • SL110
  • SL130
  • SL331
  • SL700
  • GB-ER(SR138R)
  • SJ700A

h1 PL60

  • PL60
  • PL20C
  • PL25
  • PL81/PL82
  • PL101
Rotary: Interpolator:

h1 RU77

  • RU77
  • RS310

h1 MJ100 110

  • MJ100/110
  • MJ620
  • MJ820/821
  • MJ830/831

h1 LH70

  • LH70
  • LH71
  • LH72
  • LY71
  • LY72
  • LG20

Comparison of the magnetic and optical measuring systems:

Magnetic systems

Optical systems

An excellent corrosion resistance (oil, water, dust, vibtarions, crushes). Attackable (oil, water, dust, vibtarions, crushes).
Coefficient of thermal expansion equals to the coefficient of thermal expansion for steel. Coefficient of thermal expansion is less than the coefficient of thermal expansion for steel.
Measurable values from 50 mm up to 30 m. Optical scales with the measuring range more than 2m are very expensive.
A simple installation. Fits perfectly for the universal mashines. The accurate and careful installation is necessary.

Quality, reliability and easyness of use of the measuring systems produced by Magnescale are proven while installation and use of the scales on enterprises of Ukraine.

So, magnetic scales of the type SD 608 РА are already installed on the grinding machines ЛШ – 220 as a part of CNC system on the PJSC “Motor Sich”, Zaporozhye, and have successfully passed through all the tests.

Indication system for the simple mashines without CNC system and the measuring units produced by Magnescale (SONY) were installed on the JSC “Asov”, mashines of type 2А622, Mariupol

pdf Digital reading units (PDF - 2.3 Mб)

pdf DIGITAL-GAUGE-DK-Series (PDF - 1.0 Mб)

pdf DIGITAL-GAUGE-MG-Series (PDF - 1.41 Mб)

pdf Display-LH70-71 (PDF - 1.2 Mб)

pdf Feedback Scales General Catalog (PDF - 2.4 Mb)

pdf Absolute Feedback angle encoder with DriveCliQ interface (PDF - 1.32 Mb)

pdf Absolute Magnescale e flyer(PDF - 1.64 Mb)

pdf SR27A Specification (PDF - 1.23Mb)

pdf SR67A Specification (PDF - 830 Kb)


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