Mounting accessories

INFOCOM LTD carries out the delivery of the whole range of electrotechnical mounting accessories:

Terminal marking

phoenixContact logo

Legrand, phoenix contact, Klemsan

phoenixContact markirovkaProfessional marking of separate components in the electrical cabinets – one of the most important factors of reliable and safe operation.Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of marking materials for:

  • terminal marking
  • cable and wire marking
  • marking of electrical сabinets and devices

 lergand logoMarking system


CAB 3 System of cable and terminal block marking Viking 3 (markers 0,15 - 0,5 mm 2 and  0,5 - 1,5 mm2)

CAB 3 can b installed anytime, even after finishing of cabling
Quick application with applicator
Fine alignment due to the side pins
Perfect cable fixation.

Possibility of preliminary preparation.

International color coding.

Figures: international coding 0 - Black, 1 - Brown, 2 - Red, 3 - Orange, 4 - Yellow, 5 - Green, 6 - Blue, 7 - Violet, 8 - Gray, 9 - White

Marker case CAB 3 for marker storage near the workplace.
Can be fixed to the wall or installed on the workplace.
Boxes can be joint together to increase volume.

Klemsan logo

klemsan 1

klemsan 2

A screw terminal Klemsan Series AVK

Terminals of AVK series are made from the termoplastic. A wide range of accessories makes possible a wide use of terminals. Every terminal cab be easily marked. Compact design of terminals of the series AVK Klemsan
makes possible to use them in conditions of the restricted place, where it’s hard to install terminals with bolted cross-section.

klemsan 3

Screw terminals of the series PEK 2,5, PEK 4, PEK 6, PEK 10, PEK16, PEK 35

Screw terminals of the series PEK from Klemsan – are 9 different color layouts, which allow to group terminal blocks according to its purpose.

 klemsan 4 Earthing terminals of the series WGT 2,5 WGT 4, WGT 6, WGT10

Ensure mechanical and electrical connection between the metal parts of the terminal to the DIN rail.

 klemsan 5 Screw mini-terminals of the series MVK 2,5, MVK 4, MVK 2,5 T,MVK 4 T

Compact mini-terminals. At the bottom have a latch for fixation on the mounting rail MR 15x5,5. The bridging line is placed along the axis of the terminal block.

 klemsan 6 Two-tier and multi-tier terminals of the series PIK and PUK

For equipment with a high-density mounting. A wide range of accessories simplifies design and mounting. It’s also possible to install marking on every terminal output.

 klemsan 7 Terminals with disconnectors of the series ASK

Series ASK – multipurpose terminals Klemsan. Are used for connection of the required circuit to the measuring devices, have the opportunity of the shutdown of the required circuits.

End caps

DKC, ACKО, Lapp Group

ASKA logoDKC logo

lugs 1

Solid insulated end cap (DKS-2B00ТP) 6,3х0,8 cut wire 1,5-2, mm² L-22mm

Solid insulated end cap (DKS-2B01P) 4,8х0,8 cut wire 1,5-2,5 mm²

Solid insulated end cap (DKS-2B22P) 6,3х0,8 cut wire 1,5-2.5 mm²

Solid insulated end cap (DKS-2B32P) 4,8х0,8 cut wire 1,5-2,5 mm²

Solid insulated end cap (DKS-2А04ТP) 2,8х0,5 cut wire 0,25-1,5 mm² L-18,5 mm

Solid insulated end cap (DKS-2А04ТP) 4,8х0,5 cut wire 0,25-1,5 mm² L-20,5 mm

Solid insulated end cap (DKS-2С02P) 6,3х0,8 cut wire 2,5-6,0 mm²

Solid insulated end cap (DKS-2С22P) 6,3х0,8 cut wire 2,5-6,0 mm²

lugs 2
lugs 3
lugs 4

 lapp gr logo

lapp gr lugs

Cable end caps KB
For high-quality connections by simple technology
Best electric conductivity (negligible resistance)

Areas of application

  • Distribution cabinets, production of industrial equipment
  • Road-rail vehicles and trolleybuses

Power connectors

Mennekes, Harting, Phoenix Contact

mnnekers logo

mnnekers 1 Power connectors of the Germany’s company Mennekes are well-known worldwide, are recognized for European quality and reliability in use. Mennekes produces a wide range of industrial power connectors standard-CEE and GS of different types of fulfillment: power connector males, cable connector females with protection IP44, IP67, from 16 А up to 600А and 
different combinations of power industrial males and females for different spheres of application.
mnnekers 2

harting logo

 harting 1

Company HARTING — is one of the largest producers of connectors for digital transmission lines of the industrial automation systems and connection, incl. Ethernet networks, and highly reliable connectors for ultra high (more than 10 Gbit/s) data-transmission rate, high frequency and super-high frequency connectors for mobile base stations.

 harting 2

 phoenixContact logo

phoenix contact  1 Phoenix Contact offers modern and multi-functional series of industrial connectors of different purpose, which ensure quickness and easiness of mounting and cost reduction.
phoenix contact  2


Wago, Klemsan, Siemens, Phoenix contact, Weidmuller


Wago 1

Appliance of the components WAGO makes possible to reduce time for planning and fulfillment, and for function changes on the mounting and appliance phases. Installation terminals WAGO, classics of electrical mounting in the buildings.Well-proved connection females and  terminals for quick and reliable electrically conductive mounting.

Klemsan logo

klems 1  Screw terminals of the series АVК

Standard terminals. Earthing terminals

 klems 2 Screw terminals of the series АVК RD

Standard terminals. Earthing terminals

 klems 3  

Bolted terminals

 klems 4 Screw terminals of the series РЕК
klems 5

Measuring terminals

klems 6

Terminals with a fuse holder and a knife connector.
Terminals with a knife connector. Terminals with a fuse holder.

 siemens logo

siemens klem Company Siemens produces a wide range of terminals for compact connection of the ingoing and  outgoing wires in the distribution devices.

 phoenixContact logo

phoenix klem

Electro technical terminals Phoenix Contact CLIPLINE. To the
series Clipline belong all the equipment system of the control cabinet. There are terminal blocks, materials and mounting tools, and also complicated systems based on PC for designing and marking.

weidmuller logo 

weidmuller 1

Bushing terminals Weidmuller are successfully applied in the industrial and other spheres. W-series terminals play a leading role on the market due to its advantages and excellence in the smallest parts, they can be 2-, 3-, and 4-wired. They are very compact and it gives them advantages by limited space.


provod 1 provod 2 provod 3


vtulki 1 vtulki 2 vtulki 3

Couplings (clamps)

styagki 1 styagki 2 styagki 3


reyki 1 reyki 2 reyki 3


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