Controllers and chair consoles

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INFOCOM LTD offers you Gessmann Product overview:: gessmann logo

  • Single and multi-axis controllers; Double-handle controller; control-switches, gear limit switches for lifting and electrohydraulic devices, technological equipment for differend materials treatment, remote control systems;
  • Crane control units, portable control units, pedant control units including cables for connection to any crane types and transport vehicle;
  • Control pedestal for offshore and for navigation systems;
  • Pedal controllers;
  • Control for rail transport;
  • Electronic control units;
  • Electronic (Amplifier) of output signals (digital and analog outputs);
  • Electronic (Amplifier) of input signals (digital and analog inputs) in ProfiBus and CAN-Bus interface
1 160 D64QQ d3qq 1-164-slider kst17-slider steuersaeule u25-32 2-164-slider

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Please, find the list of Standart contact-arrangement for master switch  pdf(45 K)

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Control units



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