Mobile solutions

INFOCOM LTD is partner of Motorola Enterprise Mobility (Symbol).


Motorola EMb (ex. Symbol Technologies) is worldwide leader in a sphere of enterprise mobility technologies, products and solutions for input, management and data transmission in real-time from data acquisition point to the decision-making point. Enterprise mobility solutions of Motorola EMb (ex. Symbol Technologies) combine advanced data input products (bar-code Scaners), radioidentification technology RFID, mobile computing platforms, wireless network infrastructure, mobile software. Enterprise mobility products and solutions Motorola EMb (ex. Symbol Technologies) improve working efficiency, reduce transaction costs, improve productive efficiency and create competitive advantages for companies of different levels.


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  • Transaction system

Integrated credit and debit card processing in a compact rugged device.

  • Scaners

Performance and Reliability for all your data capture needs.

  • Enterprise WLAN

Enterprise WLAN portfolio offers high performance, flexible, scalable, secure and manageable wireless networks for Enterprise Mobility

  • RFID

Motorola RFID solutions give you real time visibility into your supply chain.

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