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Pneumatic drives:

stand privodStandard drives:

Round cylinders system  DIN/ISO6432. Type DSNU, Hygienic cylinders Type CRHD, cylinder system for DIN/ISO6431 Type DNC

spets privodDrives for specific applications:

Pneumatic muscle Type MAS, locking cylinder Tип STA,  clamping module Type EV, Baloon cylinder Type EB/EBS

kompakt privodCompact drives:

Compact cylinders to ISO 21287 Type ADN, linear-rotary clamps Type CLR, Short-stroke cylinders ADVC Type


privod pozitsionirovaniyaPositioning drives:

Positioning controllers Soft Stop Type SPC11, Crossbar controller Type SPC200, Drive with a  displacement sensor Type DNCM, rodless cylinders Type DGP/DGPL


lineyn privodLinear drives:

Rodless cylinders Types DGC-18, DGC-40, Small rodless cylinders Types DGC-8, DGC-12, Mini-slides Types SLT, SLS, SLF

zaporno-regulir privodLocking-control drives:

Part-turn drivers Type SYPAR (DAPS), Linear/limited-swing cylinders for locking-control armature Type COPAC/COPAR (DLP/DRD)

povorot-polu privodRotary and semi-rotary drives:

Type DSM, Type DRQD, Rotate-gripping unit Type HGDS, Linear-rotate modules Type DSL


Supplied products  camozzi




Compact mini-cylinders. Series 14, Mini-cylinders. Series 16, 24, 25 , Rodless cylinders. Series 50.


Position sensors:



Magnetic position sensors. Series



Valves with the electropneumatic и pneumatic control:

clapan1clapan2clapan3Electro pneumatic mini-distributors of the direct acting type. Series K,  Series W , Series P.


Mechanically operated valves:

clapan4clapan5clapan6Mini distributors with mechanical control. Series 2, Mechanically operated valves. Series 1 and 3 , mechanically controlled sensor distributors. Series 3 and 4.


Manually operated valves:

clapan7clapan8clapan9Mini distributors with manual control panel mounting. Series 2 ,Distributors with manual control. Series 1,3,4 и VMS ,pneumatic foot pedal. Series 3, G1/4,5/2 lin/pos. Electrical foot pedal. Series 3, НЗ/НО.

Automatic valves:

clapan10clapan11clapan12Automatic valves. Series SCS-VNR-VSC-VSO, Blocking valves. Series VBO-VBU, Pneumatic throttle valves. Series SCU-MCU-SVU-MVU-SCO-MCO

Клапаны с механическим управленим:

Air preparation

Filters. Series MX, coalescence filters. Series MX, a soft start valve. Series MX, Safety valve. Series MX, Filters-regulators. Series MX.


Control and Lock Valve

Cutoff valve:

clapan 1clapan 2clapan 3Cutoff valve. Series VIP , saddle cutoff valve . Series J4, J9, Клапан отсечной. Series ZGS.


Ball valves:

kran1kran2kran3Full-opening 2-way ball valve. Series 100 , Full-opening 2-way ball valve. Series 101 ,
Full-opening 3-way ball valve (L-Port). Series 153.

Butterfly valves:

zatvor1zatvor2zatvor3Butterfly valve. Series 490 and 493, Butterfly valves, Butterfly valve. Series 270-474


Pneumatic rotary drives:


privod3Double-acting pneumatic drives. Series DA,  Single-acting pneumatic drives. Pneumatic drive Series SR, Pneumatic batcher drive. Series DD.

Electric drives:

privod4privod5Electric rotary drive. Series AE, electric rotary drive. Series EA.






Fittings Sprint® , Pipe fittings and tubing T, MPL, PNZ , Quick disconnect couplings. Series "MICRO" , Collectors which consist of technopolymer quick disconnect couplings for plastic pipes.

Couplings for pneumatic braking systems. Series C-Truck:

pnevmosystemsFittings Camozzi of the C-Truck-series are used in nylon pipeline switching in pneumatic braking systems of vehicles. Fitting design meets the requirements for braking systems, ensures a highly-reliable pressure-tight joint with a pipe, a perfect repairability, and makes possible to replace a pipe without disassembling and removing of a fitting using the special tools.


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