Switchboard equipment

Our company INFOCOM LTD carries out assembling, preassembling and delivery of any switchboard equipment. 

Поставка шкафов Siemens Поставка шкафов DKC Поставка шкафов Eldon Поставка шкафов Rittal  Поставка шкафов Z-pas

You can see the whole nomenclature produced by INFOCOM LTD in the section of our website Production

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INFOCOM LTD is the official distributor of the company Rittal and carries out delivery of the wide range of products Rittal on the territory of Ukraine, namely:

Rittal enclosures  Electric power distribution Microclimate control
  • Compact enclosures
  • Compact distribution cabinets
  • Cabinet systems
  • Network cabinets, server cabinets
  • Wall mounting enclosures IT
  • Panel systems/PC/IW enclosures
  • Command panels/Supporting arms/Rack systems
  • Hygienic Design
  • Stainless steel
  • Special requirements
  • Outdoor enclosures
  • Busbar systems (Mini-PLS busbar supports, contact protection, RiLine60 busbar systems, RiLine60 protection components)
  • Ri4Power Form 1-4 (Line cabinet systems, busbars and RiLine60 busbar systems and MAXI-PLS, interconnection equipment, contact protection for disconnect switches, sectioning parts, equipment for power disconnect switches)
  • ISV installation cabinets Ri4Power (ISV installation distribution rack, assembly kits)
  • Power supply (PDR power distribution rack, PSM power supply module, PDU power distribution unit, UPS systems, smart electric power supply/ PDU systems)


  • Self-cooling
  • Refrigeration units
  • Liquid cooling
  • IT-liquid cooling (cold water supply systems, corridor sections, overhead refrigeration units)
  • Heating units
  • Equipment for microclimate control

Complexes for development of data processing centers (DPC):

  •  RiMatrix S (room, safe room, container) Data centre
  • Network cabinets, server cabinets
  • Network wall mounting enclosures
  • Electric power supply
  • IT-liquid cooling
  • Monitoring
  • IT security solutions
  • Safe room


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