The EPLAN plattform

With the CAD-system EPLAN we offer you the whole set of the integrated products of the software in automated engineering for different fields of electrical engineering.

EPLAN has the unuque technology of the data management – the so called EPLAN plattform.
It is responsible for the integration and the constant data exchange between different engineering products EPLAN: electrical engineering and hydraulic diagrams (EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN Fluid), diagrams of the measurement and equipment (EPLAN PPE), and also electrical cabinets and distribution devices (EPLAN Pro Panel).

eplan platform

The information about the used components is put to the system only once, and this helps to save plenty of time, to improve the unification and standardization level of the enterprise, and these data can be used as often as necessary. EPLAN Electric P8 will give You the excellent opportunity of inteeaction between the projects in the field of the electrotechnical engineering and other functional areas of Your enterprise, and to increase its the productivity and value.


 eplan-platform-5 en


For example,you can send the specification of the project elements to the Purchasing Department and to assure the accuracy and delivery performance;

  • to tansmit the information about the wire, cable and device marking into the special software for marking. This allows to receive the required results more quickly, and remove the risk of mistake because of the human factor;
  • to point out exactlier the location of the defective devices on the pages of the circuit diagram and the required tools for the quick problem solving in case of the down-time, when every minute counts; to send the list of wires into the software;
  • to use the software in the design of the electrocabinets ( for the fulfillment of the automatic interconnection or for the efficient electrical interconnection while the development of the panel);
  • to transmit the input/output data into the software for the programming of the PLC, and to assure the quick and correct procssing;
  • and to do many others – and this all in the appropriate format for the direct import/export of the required data.


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