CAD system EPLAN

Logo EPLAN 4c 2010INFOCOM LTD is authorized distributor of EPLAN Software & Service GmbH&Co.KG company in Ukraine since 2000 and carries out:

  • Delivery of CAD system EPLAN Electric P8;
  • Technical support of license users in Ukraine;
  • User training in EPLAN products.
  • Consulting and implementation of EPLAN in your enterprise.
  • Design of necessary samplers EPLAN;
  • Design of characters and libraries EPLAN;
  • Design of macros of standard devices, page macros and circuit designs;
  • Message and forms adjustment;
  • Integration of EPLAN with enterprise ERP-system, CRM-system, design of macros for data loading into other enterprise information systems.


eplan monitorWe present specialized designing package for fulfillment of design documentation in all electrical engineering branches EPLAN Electric P8.

CAD systems EPLAN – is twenty years' experience of successful activity oriented to fulfill practical tasks in computer-aided engineering field, which was executed in development of program, which allows preparing engineering documentation quickly and qualitatively.

It’s a tool for solution receiving in process automation and efficient task execution in planning, design, assembling and installation, which meet requirements and specific features of National State Standard, European Standards, North American Standards, which automatically switches symbol displaying and positioning of your diagrams.

EPLAN - is the unique data management system. All EPLAN products are combined in so called EPLAN platform, which helps to carry out continuous information exchange between following engineering products:

  • EPLAN Electric P8 - design of electro technical drawings;
  • EPLAN Fluid - design of hydro engineering drawings;
  • EPLAN PPE - drawing design of measuring and control equipment;
  • EPLAN Pro Panel - design of 3-D cabinets and switchgears;


Using EPLAN platform, you will come up to new efficiency level in designing field.

eplan platform

Nowadays many world-wide known companies apply solutions for implementation of its technical concepts, which are proposed by worldwide leader in CAD system field - company EPLAN Software&Service GmbH&Co.KG. Among them are such companies as:
APV, АВВ, Audi, BMW, Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Ford, GE Fanuc, Groupe Schneider, Miele, Nestle, Nextrom, Samsung, Siemens, and a number of large enterprises of CIS-countries.

As users of CAD systems EPLAN live in different countries and speak different languages, all EPLAN versions and customer documentation are translated into 16 language, including Russian.

INFOCOM LTD experts are always ready to do a qualified technical support and to train your engineers to work with CAD systems EPLAN, and also to help with components development and customer's design documentation adapting to unified system for design documentation standards of Ukraine.

For more information and technical consultation in work with CAD systems EPLAN, send your request by e-mail (reply will be sent within two days) or consult with our experts in our office in Zaporozhye:+38(061)213-78-55.


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